press release 29th Year of Terror — "Harvest"

AUGUST 1, 2023

The Trail of Terror in Wallingford, CT celebrates its 29th year.
Over $2.5 Million donated to local charities and community projects.

Wallingford, CT – September 30th marks the start of the 29th year for Wallingford’s Trail of Terror. The very popular, non-profit has donated over $2.2 Million benefitting local charities, individuals and community projects in need.

The 29th year of terror revisits the “Harvest” — In the annals of Central Valley’s history, a chilling narrative unfolded, chronicling the origins of the Harvester – a being birthed from the cursed embalming fluid crafted from the pumpkins on the Aduro farm and purified in their distillery. This sinister concoction while it brought life to the departed, when ingested by the living, manifested forth their innermost fears, and along with them giving life to the nightmarish Harvester. A being constructed from the amalgamation of the towns collective fears. Its dread influence extended even to those who laid eyes upon it, manifesting their deepest terrors. Sounds once again echo from the since abandoned Central Valley Pumpkin Distillery…

The non-profit Trail of Terror was started by Wayne Barneschi with the help of his family and friends in his front yard as an elaborate Halloween decoration. Over a quarter century later, the haunted attraction covers 4 acres of woods, is staffed with 200 volunteers a night, and entertains over 20,000 frightened guests every October. Halloween enthusiasts travel from all over the United States to visit the attraction.

The Scare Crew Productions Advisory Board searches for local charities in need and tries to help them any way they can. Focusing on homeless shelters, youth programs, veteran groups, volunteer fire departments, drug and alcohol awareness and animal rescue organizations. They even are in the process of saving a historic building in the area.

“Our slogan is We Scare Because We Care”, stated Wayne Barneschi. “We love Halloween and we love our town.”

“I’ve been with the Trail of Terror for more than 20 years now and I’ve seen first hand what having this organization in our town has done for the town and its volunteers.” Said volunteer Bruce Snyder. “Year after year people may see me in a Trail of Terror Boo Crew sweatshirt and thank me for making a difference. I can’t explain the sense of pride that gives me to be associated with such an amazing organization.”

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Wayne Barneschi
Executive Director