press release 20th Year of Terror

AUGUST 05, 2014

The Wallingford Trail of Terror celebrates 20 years in frights and over $1 Million in charitable donations.

WALLINGFORD, CT – October 2014 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Wallingford Trail of Terror haunted attraction which has now donated over $1 Million to local charities.

The non-profit Trail of Terror was started by Wayne Barneschi with the help of his family and friends in his front yard as an elaborate Halloween decoration. Two decades later, the haunted attraction covers 4 acres of woods, is staffed with 200 volunteers a night, and entertains over 20,000 frightened guests every October. Halloween enthusiasts travel from all over the United States to visit the attraction. Barneschi plans to open a second location in the former Meriden armory by October 2015.

The Trail of Terror advisory committee, Scare Crew Productions, donates all profits each season to groups benefiting local communities. In 2013 alone, the Trail of Terror donated $123,152 to 24 charities ranging from homeless shelters, veterans groups, arts groups, various youth programs, and animal rescue organizations.

One non-profit that coordinates closely with the Trail of Terror is GUS Robotics, an organization that works with five area schools to send students to national science competitions. Environment Engineer Barry Curcio, a volunteer with GUS said, “The Trail of Terror has been an amazing supporter of GUS Robotics. Last year it was funding from the Trail of Terror that paid our hotel and transportation costs for FRC World Championships, we at GUS are grateful for all that the Trail of Terror has done for us and fortunate to be part of such an amazing family.”

“Our slogan is We Scare Because We Care”, stated Wayne Barneschi. “We love Halloween and we love our town.”

“The Trail of Terror is a place of friends that I call family.” said volunteer Sasha Rhodes, “They are there when I need someone, they understand me and they always welcome you with smiles and open hearts. It is where I can do something I love and love it even more when I know it’s helping other people.”

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Wayne Barneschi
Executive Director